Year 2016-2017
Junior Chess Competition held at St Joseph’s college on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th February from 9h30 to 14h00. The participants 50 students (between 7 and 18) from different schools and colleges. The overall winner was Samuel Genevieve from St Joseph’s College


Cyclone Enawo Madagascar

Donation to victims of the Cyclone Enawo in Madagascar

In March 2017, the Rotary Club of Curepipe took the initiative to organise a fund collection from all Rotary Clubs of Mauritius to help the victims of Cyclone Enawo in Madagascar. These funds were all used for relief works by the Rotary Club of Toasmasina.

Cher Ami Manda Boolell,

J’accuse réception de ton courriel qui me fait un grand plaisir, et je tiens personnellement à te remercier de tout cœur à cette action humanitaire remarquable.

Votre Don accompagnant ce message touche notre club et les sinistrés du Cyclone Enawo.

Au nom de toute l’équipe du Rotary Club de Tamatave, je vous adresse d’avance à tous, nos remerciements pour ce soutien financier.

Je ne manquerai pas de vous faire parvenir l’accusé de réception et le rapport d’action relatif à ce don dès que possible (à notre retour de la Conférence du District).

Merci particulièrement à toute l’équipe du RC de Curepipe et un grand merci à tous les Clubs qui ont contribué à cette collecte de Don.

Je reviendrai vers vous dès que possible.

Avec toutes mes Amitiés.



The Inter-College Debate Competition

Held in Feb/March 2017

13 Colleges of Curepipe were invited to participate in this debate competition, and 10 Colleges confirmed their participation.

Some of the debate topics in the first round included: –

  1. This house would pay reparations to the descendants of slaves
  2. This house would ban beauty contests
  • This house would limit the earnings of professional athletes
  1. This house believes that there is an absence of vision regarding Land and Housing Management in Mauritius
  2. This house believes that there is an absence of vision in the Management of transportation in Mauritius
  3. This house believes that Duty Free cars and overseas travelling Privileges are unjustified
  • This house believes that our Leaders waste public resources for their own interest
  • This house believes that there is too much ignorance and hypocrisy on the issue of renewable energy

Teams from Curepipe Colleges, Hindu Girls College, Royal College, Forest-Side SSS girls, Notre Dame and Imperial College proceeded to the second round.

Debate topics for the second round included:

  1. Boarding College System is better for Secondary Education
  2. Cohabitation is as good an alternative as marriage
  • Education in mixed colleges is better than in single-sex colleges
  1. All Secondary College students should perform two years of Community Service prior to embarking for Tertiary Education

The following colleges got qualified for the Semi Finals:

Hindu Girls College, Notre Dame College, Royal College and Imperial College

The debate topics were: –

  1. We have failed to take the right initiatives to make Mauritius as Successful as Singapore.
  2. Students should be able to grade their teachers.

The Finals of the Debate Competition were held at Gymkhana Club, Vacoas on Monday 27th March 2017 as follows:

For the 3rd place: Between Hindu Girls Collage (P) and Notre Dame College (O)

Debate topic: –

Replacing the CPE System by the 9-Year Schooling System will not improve Educational Performance.

For the Finals: – Between Royal College (P) and Imperial College (O)

Debate Topic: –

This House believes that the Metro Express is a priority for Mauritius.

The Competition was WON by Imperial College, with each of the 3 team members getting Rs 5,000.

Royal College Curepipe got the Second prize of Rs6,000 and Notre Dame College WON the third prize of Rs3,000.

The unanimous opinion of all the Educators who accompanied the debaters was that this competition gave the students a good platform to develop their oratory skills.

They all expressed the strong wish for this project to be repeated in the coming years.

Yours faithfully

  1. Jawaheer

Président Rotary Club de Tamatave

Club 17269 – District 9222