Celebrating 40 years of services

What a wonderful year!

‘The path towards success is full of obstacles. Should you fall, pick yourself up and continue your chosen path with refined vigour.’

Our Club happily celebrated its 40th Anniversary during this Rotarian year. The Club which was chartered on 7th October 1974 by a dynamic group of founder members and history notes tell us how committed they were and how diligently they accomplished their mission as Rotarians. Today, we are thrilled to have witnessed this important milestone. From these early moments in 1974 to this day, the spirit of fellowship has been burning bright through our Club as we always advocate generosity and compassion for our needy and vulnerable fellow citizens. Our Club continues to weave the legacy of its founder members with dedicated service to the community. Many existing friendships were deepened and new ones made as a result of these experiences. We have been involved in many and varied activities for both international and domestic causes, raising important funds which are still benefiting individuals, families, communities and charitable organisations. Our rich history still guides our mission as members of the Rotary Club of Curepipe.

“Friendship…the craving for which brought Rotary into existence is the thing that will keep Rotary a living, vital force in the world for all time, the very foundation of our organization.”