Induction of President Oodit

Letter To Mr Oodit Boodhram

The Chief Guest Honourable Akain St Ange, Minister of Tourism & Culture of the Republic of Seychelles

Fellow Rotarians and your Charming Spouses

Distinguished Guests

I am sad not to be with you at this Installation Ceremony and to hand over the majestic residential Chain to incoming President Oodit.

At the very outset I wish to thank all distinguished Rotarians and Guests present here tonight having high expectation for the future of our unique Rotary Club.

My gratitude goes to each and every one of you for the wonderful support and encouragement which you have given to me during the past year. I have had a very enjoyable year, much more enjoyable than I could have thought possible at the beginning, and that is because of the way in which you have all helped me – often with advice and kind words. The forgiving way you have dealt with my mistakes, usually with humour. This is typical of the warmth and fellowship of this club, which manages to combine business with fun thereby making Rotary such a pleasure.

Even more important is the contribution you have all made to the activities of the club, especially in what has been a learning and adapting period. We have worked together to agree and implement short term and long Term projects and I have been particularly impressed by the businesslike manner in which issues have been raised and debated. Solutions have often required compromises but the honest, open and amicable way in which we have dealt with different points of view reflect well on the club and will surely help us to continue to develop and fine tune our systems and procedures.

The participation of those who have worked as Board Members cannot pass without special mention; nor can the sterling efforts of the Committee Chairmen who have been so instrumental in designing activities during great dinners hosted by each of them and the implementation of a wide range of projects. I have always valued their wise counsel. Thank you and Hats off to the spirit of Voluntarism and commitment to serve

I am well aware of the old saying “tact is making a point without making an enemy”. We have always been a democratic Club and I hope this will continue. No-one should feel they are unable to have their say if they feel the Club is not running to the benefit of all its members. We need to discuss plans and ideas and to find the best way to put them into operation. As I outlined at the Club Assembly, I did not make drastic changes. I did concentrate on fine tuning what we already have.

One of the priorities for the past year was to respect the past but to concentrate on the future – especially in the recruitment of new members – However, we should not forget that while we are encouraging new members we must continue to value and respect our older members who still have great potential. I have said it before that the real value of our club is its Members- their skills, attributes, personality and their sense of humour. Thank you all for serving humanity through your Club.

In this context, It is a great pride for me to reward 8 Club members with the Prestigious Paul Harris Fellowship with my best wishes for a long Rotary Life.

For the heavy task accomplished, my heartfelt thanks go to Vice President Hiren, PDG Jean Pierre, the Chief Guest, the MC PP Kris, RTN Christian, RTN Manda and the wonderful members of the organizing committee and their associates.

I wish President Oodit a fruitful Rotary year. He is young. He will bring enthusiasm and determination in the implementation of the objectives of The Rotary Club of Curepipe

Finally, I must say that it is a great achievement to have been your President for the year 2015/2016, I have thoroughly enjoyed every task that I had to perform. I end by once again saying, ‘Thank you all

God Bless the Rotary Club of Curepipe