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Medical Check Up Cite Malherbes


The Medical check-up was carried out on Saturday 25th Nov 2017 at Cite Malherbes from 10 am to 3 pm in the Social Hall of the Munipality.

It was a joint project Rotary Club and Rotaract Club of Curepipe.The service offered included:

  • Medical check-up proper i.e B.P, Blood Sugar Test, BMI
  • Dental check up
  • Eye check up
  • A team of Physiotherapists which offered advice and occasional simple massage.
  • A team from Link to Life screening for breast cancer in a separate private room

There was also a caravan for Blood Donation.

The entire team consisted of :

  • 6 Doctors including one from Link to Life
  • 1 Dentist
  • 1 Optometrist
  • 3 Physiotherapist
  • A staff of 3 women from Link to Life

The proceeding

Patients were registered at the entrance on a registration form mentioning the sex and age.
They were handed out a technical sheet which they would submit to the doctors and other health professionals as they go around.
The screening could start. When the check up was over they would hand over the sheet to a Rotaractor who collected all the sheets.

The results

  • 103 Registered
  • 93 Technical sheets

Missing sheets either lost or not submitted

  • 37 Males
  • 66 Females
  • 7 Children
  • 69 Age group above 50
  • 24 Below 50

As usual females seem to be twice as more concern about their health than males.
Overwhelming presence of all people.

The findings


  • Although B.P was normal for the majority
  • 12 patients had high BP (above 14/9. One patient showed BP 20/8 but this figure is suspicious)
  • 2 patients showed low BP (9/4)
  • 26 patients had high Blood Sugar ranging from 11 to 22 mmol/l
  • 15 patients had BMI higher than 30 i.e. clear sign of obesity


  • Calculus was widely present. This shows poor hygiene
  • 95% showed missing molars on both jaws which were not compensated by dentures.
  • There has been systematic extraction of molars which are pillar teeth for mastication.

Eating well for elders means good health and less expenses on medicines.

  • 23 patients needed fillings
  • 13 patients needed extractions
  • 4 patients has all their teeth removed with no dentures. They were eating on bare gums
  • Children were shown the proper brushing techniques.
  • All the patients were given either a toothbrush or toothpaste together with dental pamphlets describing oral hygiene.


  • 32 patients needed glasses
  • 13 patients with cataract
  • 2 patients needed surgery
  • 1 glaucoma
  • 5 dry eyes
  • 15 patients on their first visit
  • 1 child needed full time glasses.

To conclude

  • Poverty combined with old age, poor hygiene, ignorance of facilities offered in dispensaries or hospitals have a detrimental effect on the overall health of some of the inhabitants of the locality.
  • In the lower age group they enjoy a normal healthier life stylev
  • Only 5 people donated blood.

This service will not be provided in the future if we are working in poor localities

  • Link to Life did not send data concerning screening for breast cancer.


  • Dr Gajadhur Ritesh
  • Dr Ragoonundun (Clinique Ferriere)
  • Dr Ramjaun (Medecin a domicile)
  • Dr Beesoon (Medecin a domicile)
  • Dr Guttoo Parishma (Link to Life)
  • Dr Rannoo
  • Mr Ali Subratty (Optometrist)
  • Mr Daby (Physiotherapist Spinal Injuries Rehabilitation Center NGO)
  • Mr Clive Rene (Ducray Lenoir : 2 glucometers and accessories for 126 persons)
  • Serge Dental (Dental samples, pamphlets)
  • GlaxoSmithKline- GSK (Disposable mirrors and Flyers)
  • IBL (126 Toothbrush and 126 toothpaste)
  • Stan Workshop (Dental chair, disposable mirrors)

Our thanks goes also to all Rotarians and Rotaractors who has help us in one way or another in carrying out this project.

A particular thought for Rotaractor ADR Damien for his full involvement.

Rotarian Anil
(Responsible for monitoring the project)