Thank you for entrusting me with the honour and privilege for serving as your President. I feel so proud and honoured to have been able to lead this excellent team, and deep in my core I wish that my tenure as President has contributed to perpetuate the legacy of our Club. I was blessed to celebrate our 40th Anniversary during my mandate, an event which has reminded us about the immense efforts our founder members and their successors deployed during these four decades. Their relentless drive has always yielded dividends of fellowship, service and peace. We are proud to be the guardians of this Club to-day.

Twelve months ago, I stressed the sense of pride and honour that I felt on becoming your President. Now, twelve months after, this sense is enhanced because, as your President, I have had the opportunity to realize what great Club we have. On a personal standpoint, I have greatly added to my understanding of human actions and reactions and I have undoubtedly improved my team management skills. This unique experience has also made me attain considerable heights in the comprehension of the fundamental values of a Rotarian. It seems usual for outgoing Presidents to express how much they have enjoyed their year in office. I have enjoyed it, but that word seems inadequate to describe the truly memorable experience it has been. During my mandate, our Club has showcased its continuous desire to bring a helping hand to the community through our various actions that you will recall while turning the next pages of this publication.

All of this happened because of you, the members of the Rotary Club of Curepipe. You regularly step forward and volunteered to do so much and contribute in so many ways. Thank you for demonstrating what it means to put service above self. During the past year, I have been humbled by the tireless, selfless efforts, and dedication of the many Rotarians who were willing to help others in lighting up the lives of many. We have some work unfinished or I would say still in progress that we have to complete in the coming year. The ambitious and laudable project of setting up an Autism Centre is one major challenge to each and every member of this Club. We must leave no stone unturned in our quest for a plot of land which will shelter this Centre. We are fortunate to have received the pledge for technical assistance from our sister club of Rotary Club St Denis Alizés in Reunion Island which has successfully conducted a similar project. We have a duty to fight against all odds to implement this plan that will remain as a remarkable achievement of our Club. After this incredibly memorable year I am more than happy to hand over this responsibility of the club to our incoming President Suraj. I see in him a unique quality to bring people together and accomplish tasks, a quality which is very important as a President. I am sure he will take this club to greater heights. I wish him all the best. Finally, reflecting on the list of illustrious Past Presidents, I am truly honoured to be joining their ranks now.